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WordPress for Non-Profit And Charity in 2021

So you want to launch a website to foster online visibility for your non-profit initiative?
If you do, looking for a suitable charity WordPress is the best way to get started.

Having a website is super important for non-profits these days. It allows you to spread the word about your charitable activities. Better yet, a website offers you with so many practical solutions — an information resource for willing volunteers, and a place where willing patrons can donate conveniently. In fact, according to the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report, 67% of NGOs worldwide accept online donations.

The best charity WordPress Design come with great design and functionality that you can import without having to write a single line of code. 

What are the common needs of a Charity or Non-Profit Websites?

There are a great number of non-profit WordPress websites out there for a vast array of purposes.

However, choosing the elements / requirements for your website is an important decision that you should make wisely. The design of your site determines how your information is presented. At the same time, every WordPress site comes with a different set of features. You want to choose a charity elements with great design and effective functionalities. 

Here are some features to consider in a charity and non-profit WordPress site:

Catchy and Customizable Design

You want an eye-catching design for your website that attracts the visitor’s attention. your website will be equipped with an elegant style that allows you to showcase your charity projects in the best way. 

Features for customization such as an integrated page builder plugin or font choices allow you to create a unique look and meet your branding needs more easily.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important features in websites of almost any type these days. SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks higher on search engines and shows up higher on search results. 

Simply having a website is not enough if you want people to discover your non-profit organization through a Google search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives you that extra element you need for greater visibility. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

It is more important than ever for websites to be responsive to all screen sizes. More than 50% of web searches these days are conducted through smartphones. What’s more, 24% of online donations in 2018 were made through mobile phones.

Social Media Integration

Besides having a website, social media is one of the major channels for people to discover you. You would, of course, set up social network profiles for your organization. Hence, integrating your social media to your website allows website visitors to stay connected with you and also connects the website with your profiles.

Websites with social media integration allow you to include links to your social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram through clickable icons. Some Plugins even allow you to showcase your social media feed, like your Instagram photos or Twitter posts. This is a much more effective way to have visitors follow you on social media. 

Donation Functionality

Websites offer you a major convenience of receiving donations online. You need plugins for donation payments in order to receive online donations, like GiveWP. Ensure that the design you choose comes with donation functionality.

Payment Gateway Options

It is important to offer multiple payment gateway options to willing donors. This ensures that the donor is more likely to find a payment channel they can use and increases the likelihood of donations to go through.

People can also be motivated to donate if they find the process convenient, such as using online payment systems like PayPal.

Projects and Volunteer Sections

You want your website to represent your organization in the best possible way. There are two sections that are indispensable for that. Look for a well-designed projects section that adequately illustrates your projects and causes. You might want multiple layout choices for this core section or various inner pages that explore each of your projects in depth. 

Of course, many people who reach your website are people looking for volunteering opportunities. You should address these people with a Volunteer section that gives all the information required for an interested volunteer. 

You can even illustrate the kind of experience that a volunteer at your organization can expect. This can let visitors know if they are a good fit for your organization.

Contact Page and Form

A website should facilitate people interested in your work to get in touch with you. Hence, to fulfill that aim well — make sure that your website has a good contact page.

Contact forms are pretty effective as they allow visitors to begin correspondence with a few easy clicks.


While business websites typically feature testimonials as a way to showcase reviews from satisfied customers, a Testimonials section can be handy for charitable organizations too. You can use it to give an inside look at your organization through your volunteers’ eyes.

Multi-Language Compatibility

Non-profit organizations often find support from patrons around the globe. In fact, 31% of donors worldwide are giving to foreign non-profit organizations. So, it is a great idea to have multi-language features in your  WordPress site so that you can easily appeal to international visitors.

a professional-looking style that immediately establishes a sense of credibility with your organization – is the main goal.

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