Many believe that organic promotion (SEO) is no longer relevant, and the question “Why invest in organic promotion when you can run a sponsored campaign that will bring customers from today to tomorrow” has come up again and again. If you were asking yourself why investing in SEO, here are 5 reasons that will make you realize how important it is to your business.1 Change the way it is perceived. Instead of seeing it as a marketing tactic, it should be viewed as an integral part of business branding.

With organic promotion, you can create an impressive online presence and reach new and wide target audiences who have not directly searched for your brand name.

When lots of keywords appear on the first page of Google, even users who do not search for the brand name, but only services that it provides, can reach it because they will see its name appear on the first page of search results. If you are not there, they will find your competitors as they will appear there.

2. You can’t invest in sponsored promotion endlessly …

Many publishers’ strategy is simply to invest in sponsored promotion that will bring quick results and leads to the site in a matter of hours. The world is in digital, but how many budgets can you invest in sponsored promotion over and over again? Organic promotion is far more economical compared to sponsored promotion costs (of course it depends on the field, but this is true in most cases in the long run), and the results it achieves are maintained over time, unlike a sponsored campaign that promotes the site for a limited time, as long as you pay only.

Bottom line, SEO will generate more revenue for the business in the long run and is much more important to the business image and online presence of the business. A large network presence can also make a small business look like an empire and can serve as a springboard for any brand.

3. Unlimited options

While sponsored promotion focuses on a limited page group (due to budget) and considered much more limited, organic promotion offers a major advantage in its power to attract users to every page of an optimized site. You can also check which pages are already crawled by Google and not, in order to make those that have not been scanned relevant by adding quality content, images, infographics and other elements. When the site is high quality, rich and has value-added content – it will be promoted more easily and its exposure potential will only increase.

4. SEO works to improve optimization behind the scenes as well

The position of the site in the search engines is determined by a variety of factors, not just its content. Today, technical performance is also influential, the links between the pages, the right hierarchy, and other such technical concepts and actions, whose proper performance will affect the site’s position in Google’s search results. As part of organic Google promotion, we actually optimize the site in every way, and it often works to improve the interface and speed of the site so that the browsing experience is optimal.

5. Exposure based on user browsing

 The belief that marketing in social networks should be invested is true, but not necessarily effective. Users who come to their favorite social network do so to catch up, laugh, touch their interests, be part of a community and more, but on the bottom line they are not in the mood for shopping. This is compared to users who directly search for a keyword or service on Google. With organic promotion, they can go directly to a relevant page on the site, and if it is cleverly designed and contains the right microphone, they will also perform the action that is expected of them.

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