The Corona crisis that has plagued our world has brought to our lives several things we did not know before, such as the need to walk outside dressed in face masks that protect us from infection. It is true that we may have once seen various professionals walking around with these masks in their work environment, and there were those who were equipped with them for fear of air pollution – but most of us only became aware of this item following the current crisis and the Ministry of Health guidelines. While most of us are now walking around with plain-looking face masks, there are some people around the world who have taken the whole thing a step further – presenting specially designed and unique looking masks, some amusing and some astonishing, as you can see in the 15 great pictures below.


1. A mask that raises a smile – literally

SMILE - might as well

cool sentence 

2. This wonderful mask has been specially designed to suit those who need to care for and interact with the hearing impaired population, because they can be read their lips

3. Filter mask tailored to the medical staff of the cardiac care department

4. Although for the time being, wedding events may not take place, but one has to think about the day after and the brides-to-be

5. Wild 80s style rivets mask

6. It’s not a piece of furniture, it’s a solid wood mask – we hope you can breathe in this beautifully designed thing at all

7. It looks like someone is preparing for Mimuna in the shade of the corona

8. Mask from the movies – inspired by Hannibal Lecter’s character, the serial killer from the blockbuster “The Silence of the Sheep”

9. The Mask of the Movies 2 – and this time inspired by the superhero Spider Man

10. Lingerie that rose a few inches up, and now serves as an embroidered and styled mask

11. Even when wearing a mask, always keep in mind the important things of life – such as the cold coffee of the Day

12. When you open your dental clinics, this mask should definitely line up

13. Even in this situation you should not forget to laugh

14. Knitted mask and gloves in a custom design and a rather likeable monstrous look

15. last but not least : human creativity never ends !


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