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  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Programmer
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Web Design

Professional, custom web design that works on a variety of platforms and devices. I partner with businesses to design & develop custom and Crowd pleasing websites, Based on their needs. My mission is to provide top-quality website services at affordable rates!

Web Design / Re - design

  • Ecommerce & Payment integration.
  • Content Management system ( wordpress cms etc...)
  • Blog Design
  • Online Booking & Appointments
  • Social Media integration
  • tailored to your needs plugins
  • & much more....

Graphics Design

Whether it’s exterior signage for your business, an outdoor billboard ad campaign, signs to display in your store, graphics for your fleet vehicles or trade show booth displays, Your graphics are a powerful way of displaying your company’s brand identity and messaging.



InfoGraphic Design

  • Logo , flyers & Print Ready Promotionals
  • UI/UX Design & Elements
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Vector Design
  • 3D animation design
  • Script Design
  • banners , ads , headers design


Drive more organic traffic to your website. Get more qualified traffic on the search terms that matter most to your business. Set your business up for long-term success. No matter what your marketing needs are , i can help set it up , maintain it , or even just guide you in the right direction.

  • Organic Marketing
  • Local Media
  • Social Media
  • Content Proofing / Writing
  • paid ppc 
  • Search engine marketing
  • Print Marketing


I develop brand identities that help our clients establish a professional look and effectively communicate their business offerings. Empower your business with branding

 stand out from the competition

    • logo Design
    • Banners / slogans / Catch phrases 
    • Print advertising
    • Video Editing 
    • 3D animations
    • much more....

Reliable Speed

Web packages devised to best suit your needs. I promise the best web design & development service at highly competitive prices.

  • Exceptional Identity 

    Premium  Quality Designs 

    24/7 support 

    Competitive  Pricing


Premium Support

I am committed to bring you premium design solutions that will help you put your brands in the limelight. i'm always at your disposal to make things happen exactly the way you envision !


About Me

About My Business & Skills

Digital Innovation Reimagined

I love Creating Uniqueness ! Creative Karen provides full-service website design and web development services, located in Ocean City , Maryland, but I can work with anyone Worldwide via chat , calls or emails . When it comes to websites, Graphics , Logo’s , Branding , Content , Even PHOTOGRAPHY . Whatever your Project development needs are, you have found the right person .

Strategy 94%

Marketing 85%

Design 88%

Developing 90%

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